Visit Historical Marietta, Georgia

One of metro Atlanta, Georgia’s largest suburbs, Marietta has a population approaching 80,000. A great deal of effort is being made in Marietta to preserve its historical underpinnings while working to make sure that all of the newer developments come complete with the latest amenities.

A prime example of what is being done to unite the past with the present in Marietta is the charming Downtown Marietta Square. This marvelous district has maintained and preserved many of the historic properties that were originally built in downtown Marietta. One of the main attractions of Downtown Marietta Square is the stunning Glover Park.

Downtown Marietta Square is home to restaurants, bistros, shops and galleries. It has become a popular destination for people from across the Atlanta area. Indeed, the work at preserving the district is being used as a model for preservationists in other communities throughout the South.

The performing arts play a big role in the Marietta cultural scene in the 21st century. There are a number of fine venues for live performances in the community including the Theatre in the Square and The Strand Theatre. The Strand Theatre actually is undergoing a major renovation at the present time to restore it to its original grandeur.

As an aside, Marietta is the location of the Gone with the Wind Museum. The site holds the most extensive collection of memorabilia associated with both the book and the film that made Atlanta and Georgia even more famous.

There are a number of unique and tasty dining options available to residents of and visitors to Marietta alike. This includes such highly regarded bistros like Shillings on the Square, Cool Beans, the Vineyard Café, Three Bears Café, Eddies Trick Shop and Marietta Pizza Company. In addition, the Marietta Wine Market is a popular destination at which guests can enjoy wine tastings and some other entertaining and engaging events.

Marietta also conveniently located to a variety of major historic sites and other types of points of interest. Moreover, there are a few well regarded institutions of higher learning in the community as well.

The crime rate in Marietta is lower than what is experienced in much of the region. In addition, Marietta has its own independent school system that continues to receive high marks and awards on a regular basis.

Residents of Marietta also have access to the very latest medical technology, including treatments and procedures to deal with such conditions as varicose veins. In this regard, residents of Marietta can access sclerotherapy, VNUS closure as well surgical ligation and stripping when indicated. There are skilled professionals that can and do provide treatments and procedures for varicose veins like sclerotherapy, VNUS closure as well surgical ligation and stripping. Clinics are in operation in the community that do employ the very latest technologies to perform sclerotherapy, VNUS closure as well surgical ligation and stripping.

In the end, Marietta has a great deal to offer both to its residents and to visitors to this fine Georgia community.

Source by Sean Thomas