The Stars Are Lined Up for Military Spouses: Federal Jobs for Military Spouses Through USAJOBS, Program S, NAF, and Excepted Service Ten Steps to a Federal Job for Military Personnel and Spouses

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Military spouses also deserve a career! The challenge for military spouses is being relocated every two to four years. Finding permanent, career positions with frequent relocations is difficult. But the one employer with positions and careers at every military base is the US Government. This book is dedicated to helping military spouses navigate the complex federal job application system.

The Stars Are Lined Up for Military Spouses covers four different ways to land four different kinds of positions with the federal government:

* USAJOBS competitive hiring

* Excepted service jobs

* Non-Appropriated Fund (NAF) jobs

* Military Spouse Preference (MSP) jobs

Each of these paths requires different job search techniques and tips. Kathryn Troutman, known as the Federal Resume Guru, shares straightforward strategies based on her 40+ years of expertise with resume writing and career coaching. Military spouses will be encouraged and equipped to take control of their career.

This reader-friendly publication contains:

* Updates with the latest federal hiring changes and initiatives

* Before and after resume samples

* Clear step-by-step instructions