Should You Send Your Resume Without A Cover Letter?

Imagine yourself being a clerk in the human resource department. You receive a resume that states no objective (what kind of job you are seeking) and there is no cover letter. Now imagine that you have 30 of those in front of you and it’s Monday morning? How many of those resumes would you read through?

The statistics show that most of those resumes wind up in the garbage can or in a huge dead end file until they can be shredded. The clerks and managers in the human resource departments are so overwhelmed with work that they have to pick and choose what they do carefully.

The winners are the candidates who submit cover letters along with their resumes. Those who win even more are the ones who submit their resumes and cover letters directly to the person they might be reporting to. That takes a bit of work unless you use a resume submission service (you can see the link for that below), or, you take the time to prepare the very best cover letter that you can. You can also see the link below for one of the best resume submission companies around.

You should never send your resume without a cover letter. Your cover letter should state briefly not only what you have done, your accomplishments, but the type of position you are applying for and most importantly, what you can do for the company in the position you are applying for.

A cover letter needs to be brief and to the point. It must be well written and clever to catch the eye of your prospective employer. This is an art and there are companies who will do this for you. Yes, they do cost something, but on the other hand, if you are not skilled in writing your own cover letter, wouldn’t you rather have an expert with experience do it for you? After all, you pay experts in other areas of your life. This is your career so why not do it right the first time. If you need to redo your cover letter for another job, you will at least have one great example to follow.

Yes, you need to tailor your cover letter for each specific job. One size does not fit all when it comes to writing a cover letter. You must change your cover letter each time by reading the position description and tailoring it to fit that particular job description. Most job seekers do not know how to write an effective cover letter. If that is you, then avail yourself of the wonderful resources listed below.

Source by Margaret Dunn