CCNA Training – How To Be On The First Page Of Any Search Engine?

If you want your website to be on the first page of any search engine then there are 4 essential steps to be followed. All search engines have some required conditions for putting a site on their results first page. Following the below mentioned 4 steps you can rank first on any search engine.


In The Search Engine Marketing Book, Mike Grehan has stated that if you created page contains a unique word of phrase then you can rank first. Let’s suppose you create a website about ‘yanddo’. Search engines will return your site as the result if someone searched that word. But the important point is that no one will ever search a word that doesn’t exist. So the ranking won’t be important for all this. As an example Then why not to try a random search for, let’s say ‘Landscape Design Yorkshire County, Atlanta’. There are so many possibilities that the search engine will give you. But the results are still astonishing and awkward. Now the question is why are the results still so irrelevant to the searched query? Although this time we didn’t type a non existing word like ‘yanddo’ in the query. The answer is simple. All the landscapers have advertised their work with the keywords that we used to search for a particular query. Thus if you want to launch your website rank higher than simply use a combination of words that describes your work and your location both. This might help in getting the higher rankings.


You should be aware of the fact that the search engines don’t return the website as the result rather they show the pages that contains your searched words. Continuing with the above mentioned key phase ‘Landscape Design Yorkshire County, Atlanta’ the page must contain the key phrase not the website. In simple words if two pages of your site contain separate information about Yorkshire County and landscape design then none of them will be shown as the outcome of ‘Landscape Design Yorkshire County’. This issue can be solved by using a link less site technique enabling the site to come up as the multiple search query results. For example, two pages of your website can be of Garden Care and Landscape designs separately.


Proximity is important. When searching a website write the geographic location and service both in the query. And make sure these are related very closely to each other. Websites like ‘High Ranking Advisors’ and ‘Search Rank’ have great techniques for the use of the words and giving the proximity some importance.


Link less site might take some time to be accepted by the search engines. So you must wait before launching these sites. But you have already uploaded a web site then try applying these tricks to get your site ranked higher when the Search engine team visits it next time.

You can also get your business registered with Register your website URL because many search engines do count the website listed on this site as important. The more and more you are indexed by search engines, more chances of getting to the first page.

Source by Joe Spoto